1. Arusha – Chairman Eng. Prof. Fredrick C. Kahimba
  2. Dodoma – Chairman Eng. Revocatus Nsubile
  3. Kilimanjaro – Chairman Eng. Prosper Shoo
  4. Morogoro – Chairman Eng. Salum Kipande
  5. Mbeya – Chairman Eng. Dr. Duwa Chengula
  6. Mwanza – Chairman Eng. Boniphace M. Nyambele
  7. Tanga –
  8. Tabora –
  9. Shinyanga – Interim Chairman Eng. Joab Mutagwaba
  10. Songea – Chairman Eng. John Kapinga

In order to further the aims and objects of the Institution the Council may at their discretion set up Branches of the Institution in Tanzania for the holding of meetings, for the reading of papers and for discussions on subjects, or for other activities, falling within the purview of the Institution and the Council shall have power to dissolve any such Branch at any time. The Council may appoint individual representatives to carry out the duties of a Branch at its own discretion.


IET – Mbeya & Songwe Branch

  1. Prepare a Calendar of Activities indicating Branch Committee meetings, site visits, get together, guest speakers, Engineers Annual Week. Strategise on how to implement the calendar.
  2. Identify employers of engineers and technicians and introduce IET.
  3. Nominate one engineer/technician at each working place as coordinators.
  4. With the assistance of the coordinator, compile list of engineers and technicians with their contact addresses – postal, phone and email.
  5. Establish membership and registration status of each engineer/technician. Encourage the unregistered and non-members to strive for registration with ERB and membership with IET.
  6. Visit secondary schools to create awareness about the beauty of the engineering profession.
  7. Mobilise the employers, engineers and technicians to set for participation during annual conferences organised by IET HQ.
  8. Devise techniques of sourcing funds for the branch. You may organise fundraising activities like organizing a dinner. Mobilising engineers and technicians to attend the IET Conferences.
  9. Always send to Head Office minutes of the meetings in time.
  10. Advocacy with the Regional Authorities for them eg. RAS to cooperate.
  11. Search for a plot to construct an office block. Getting a plot at prime area will attract joint developers.
  12. Organize capacity building events to enable professional engineers earn PDUs.
  13. Disbursement of funds be as follows
    1. Collect subscriptions from the members. Remit 60% and branch to retain 40%.
    2. 25% of other income generated by Branch be remitted to the Head Office
    3. 50% of application fee be retained by the Branch except for student membership.