The Institution of Engineers Tanzania (IET) is a non-governmental organization registered under the Societies Act, to represent the interests of engineering practitioners at national, regional and international level. At regional and international level, IET is a member of several engineering organizations, including Eastern African Federation of Engineering Organizations (EAFEO); Federation of African Engineering Organizations (FAEO); and World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO).

Engineering plays critical and central role in addressing various social and economic challenges, and in bringing about transformation necessary for the sustainable development of any country. It is within this context that the mission of IET is “Promotion of Engineering Excellence in Tanzania”.

Today, the world is in an era of globalization, and we are living in a new knowledge-based economy/society of the 21st century: powered by technology, fueled by information, driven by knowledge and built on innovation and creativity. Technological development is continuing at an ever-increasing pace, and new engineering related areas are emerging, such as artificial intelligence (AI), the “internet of things” (IoT), industrial biotechnology, and nanotechnology. As a result, the nature of practice of engineering and its applications keeps on changing and its scope is increasing. Hence, mobilizing the engineering community to become more effective and efficient in delivering sustainable development solutions; quality services and products for sustainable betterment of mankind and the environment, becomes our vital important responsibility.

Therefore, I, on behalf of the Institution of Engineers Tanzania, hereby invite the Engineering Community in Tanzania to join hands and efforts together, so that as one society and one team of engineering practitioners, we can address our issues and challenges; and give our societies and nation at large the best that engineering can offer to accelerate the transformation towards sustainable social and economic development of our country.