Millitary Chapter

IET’s Military Chapter was established in order to further the aims and objectives of the institution for details. The specific objectives and purposes of the Chapter are to promote the general advancement of the Science and Practice in Engineering and its applications, and to facilitate exchange of information and ideas on those subjects amongst the members of the chapter.

Under the Military chapter, the roles of IET is to;

  • Presents the interests and opportunities for professional development to Military members of the Chapter.
  • Creates or establishes and maintains a database of Military engineers.
  • Sets-up training schemes such as professional lectures, short term seminars in engineering etc.
  • Participates in building up capacity of engineering skills and technical abilities.
  • Encourages the promotion of Military Engineers towards Registration with Engineers Registration Board of Tanzania (ERB) and Corporate Membership of IET.
  • Identifies problems facing Military Engineers in particular and Engineers in general.
  • Advices concerned bodies on possible and feasible solutions to the problems facing the engineering profession and engineering science in general.
  • Holds meetings of the chapter for readings and discussions bearing upon engineering science or the application thereof or upon subjects relating thereof.
  • Co-operates in public educational with universities, educational institutions authorities for the furtherance of education, training and practice in engineering profession and to maintain contact with engineering industry.
  • Solicit whenever possible for promotional opportunities for Military engineers

Membership is open to all Military professionals’ engineers interested to join the chapter. Application forms are available at IET offices.

For more details, please contact;
Eng. Col. Hamza Mzee
+255754 57 54 04.

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