Who We Are


The Institution has a membership of over 4,800 with 11 classes of membership.

Amend the Constitution

As from 1999 amendments to the constitution led to a new Council being elected after every two years.


Up to 1998, tenure of office was on a yearly basis

Inauguration of First Council

A General Meeting was held and the first Council members and office bearers were elected

Official Registration

The Institution of Engineers Tanzania (IET) which is a non-profit making, voluntary organization was registered in 1975 under the Societies Ordnance (1954).

IET’s mission is to uphold Excellence in Engineering profession Tanzania

IET aims at being a leading professional body that sustains the development and integration of science, technology, public policy, and management of resources for the betterment of mankind and its environment

  1. Working with the Government and other stakeholders to promote policies that stimulate the development and excellence in the engineering industry.
  2. Contributing to excellence in building through the promotion of world-class ethical standards and educational programs;
  3. Compiling focused research and analysis to inform investment decisions, policy analysis, and public education;
  4. Providing a forum where professional and non-professional engineers can share expertise and build a professional society.